1. packing-checklistIf renting, advise your current landlord or agent, of your intention to move
  2. Transfer all home deliveries to new address
  3. Contact government agencies notify them of your new address and date of move
  4. Inform your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists of your move
  5. Start notifying service providers of your change of address.
  6. Confirm details with removals’ times for pack, move, and unpack.
  7. Arrange to disconnect and connect your gas, water, phone and electricity.
  8. Arrange Post Mail Redirection Service to your new address.
  9. Arrange childcare for your moving day if necessary
  10. Advice the government authorities of your new mailing address.
  11. Dispose of flammable.
  12. Drain fuel from lawn mower and other machinery.
  13. Leave instruction books for stove, dishwasher, and security system air cons
  14. Cancel or change services such as mowing services, newspaper deliveries etc.