Packing, Prepacking, Overseas Packing

Professional Packing

We are the packing experts. Packing, as we all know, is easier said than done. Packing for a move is a very specialized job requiring specific tools and materials which may not be always available at your local Bunnings. As a lay-person, you may not always know of all the options available in packaging materials, but our professional packers know of, and use the best in the industry.

So, with our packing service, you can be assured that:

  • Your personal effects are carefully protected
  • Using specialized packaging materials
  • Trained packing professionals doing the packing for you
  • You get efficient and timely service
  • You get peace of mind!

Packing for Overseas Moves

Packing is stressful…packing for overseas moves…even more so! Overseas moves are typically longer and invariably more rough than local or even inter-state moves.

Packing for overseas moves involves not only packing so that your things arrive intact and un-scratched, but also packing so that all the rules and regulations on cross-border travel are followed.

There are rules pertaining to:

  • Packaging materials that can or cannot be used
  • Items that can or cannot be taken
  • Specific packing guidelines for specific items
  • And many others

It is best to leave packing for overseas move to the experts and professionals, and that is why you need to speak to one our specialists!