About Us

Aussie Removals & Transport is a family owned and operated company founded in Brisbane in 2004.

Started by Darren and Mark Hiscock, after each giving 25 years of service two one of the largest removal and transport companies operating in the area.

While working for the larger company, we noticed:

  • A distinct lack of customer care and concern
  • No desire to assist with smaller jobs
  • Lack of concern for the needs of the elderly

Why Choose
To Move With Us…

25 years as Australia’s leading removalists

Reliable, efficient and trustworthy service

High-quality packing materials

We decided to start a local service that concentrated on the these under serviced ares, making a more affordable price range and give them the service that they should get if they used these bigger companies. We service Brisbane, Queensland and its suburbs.

So, over a beer with the family at Christmas dinner in 2003, Mark and I decided to go for it, and started Aussie Removals and Transport that focused on:

  • Customer care
  • Same service for all jobs – big or small
  • Special attention to ythe needs of the elderl

And so we started: with 1 call per fortnight!

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to help hundreds of families and several businesses with their moves. We are very grateful to all our clients, many of whom have referred us to their friends and family helping us serve even more people. Moving can be a very stressful experience, and we have formed friendships with many of our clients working with them over this stressful period.

We hope to continue serving the people of Brisbane for a long time to come. Our services include:

  • Packing for local and overseas moves
  • Crating
  • Moving
  • Transport
  • Providing New and Used Packaging Material

Darren & Mark Hiscock