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FAQs about a home or office move

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  • Do you dismantle furniture?
    Yes, we carry tool kits on all our trucks. We can dismantle beds, bunks and desks, swing sets and trampolines. We can also unplug refrigerators, unscrew the hoses of washing machines and take clothes dryers off the wall. Once we get you to your destination, we can re-assemble what needs to be and plug-in the fridge.
  • Will your team follow my directions?
    Our staff are experienced professionals and will follow your directions (however they will not carry out anything that is deemed unsafe). We feel a great sense of satisfaction when we do the job right and our customers are pleased.
  • Do you charge travel time?
    Yes, we do charge travel time from and to the nearest depot. However, we do cap charges at ½ hour each way for local moves.
  • Do you move pianos and pool tables?
    Moving pianos and pool tables require experts with years of training. We do have this expertise and we are happy to help you move these extra large items, however this is subject to a pre inspection.
  • How do I know how many of your team I need?
    We can advise you on the number of staff required to do a complete move (and unpack if requested) based on the size of the move.
  • How long does the average move take?
    This is a tough question as every job is different! There are several factors on which the time taken depends. A rule of thumb is that big houses (3 to 4 bedrooms +) take the best part of a day, small houses (1 to 2 bedrooms) take about half a day. Factors that affect time taken for packing and delivery are: 1) Steep driveways, stairs and long distances from the home / office to where we can park the truck 2) Incomplete or incorrect packing - the secret to a fast and efficient move is to be well organized and have everything packed and prepared for transport. Having the correct packaging material makes packing easier, safer and also ensures that your items are safe during transport.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    We understand that your situation may change at late notice. However, we request that you please give us as much notice as possible.
  • Do you have a minimum charge?
    For smaller jobs, we charge a minimum of 2 hours. For weekend work, we charge a minimum of 4 hours.
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