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Moving prepacking services

Prepacking & unpacking moving services Brisbane Northside and Moreton Bay region

Too busy to pack and / or unpack for your upcoming move?

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and know that moving can be very stressful and time consuming – we strive to offer friendly and helpful services to help keep the stress levels low.

Our professional and experienced packers will handle your furniture and belongings with care and make every effort to ensure your items are packed in the best transportable condition.

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Who supplies the boxes and packing materials for the prepack?



Our mobile BOX SHOP can supply the boxes and packing materials – you pay for all the materials used, once we have finished packing.

Our mobile BOX SHOP stocks cardboard moving boxes, port-a-robes, bubble wrap, butchers paper, tape, protective furniture covers (for beds and lounges) and zip bags – please click here to view the prices of all our packing materials. We also have bulk ‘moving packs’ appropriate for different size homes – please click here to view our moving pack options.

We also sell 2nd hand cartons (when in stock) – please enquire if this is of interest to you.

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We don’t mind if you supply the boxes, however we recommend they are removalist boxes for best protection of your belongings.

Our prepack method …

Boxes will be labelled with their contents (and / or what room they were in)



  • All dinnerware, glassware and other breakables are individually wrapped

  • Items will be grouped together where possible



Home Decor


  • Fragile and breakable items will be wrapped individually

  • Packed into appropriate boxes



Wall Pictures, Mirrors and Artwork


  • Will be bubble wrapped individually

  • Packed into appropriate picture cartons

Linen and soft furnishings


  • All linen and soft furnishings (e.g. cushions) will be packed into boxes




  • Hanging clothes will be packed into port-a-robes

  • Clothing will be packed into boxes




  • Long tools and miscellaneous items will be taped into bundles for easy loading

  • Small tools and miscellaneous items boxed where possible

Do you need to be home while we carry out our prepacking services?

We will need you to let us into your home and ideally, it would be great if you were home, however this is not a requirement – as long as we have a contact number where we can call you should we have anything we would like to check with you.

Pre-packing / unpacking hourly rate

Along with prepacking services, we also can carry out the unpacking of your belongs if required. Please contact us to discuss the hourly rate for both of our services.

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