Useful tips

  1. The first, vitally important thing is to choose your packing supplies carefully. It is definitely worth the small expense to buy boxes specifically designed for moving – they are stronger and are designed to absorb the impact of the knocks and bumps when moving.
  2. Top quality tape is a must – cheaper tapes do not stick for long and the bottoms drop out of the boxes as you carry them in and out of your house.
  3. Use removal cartons of similar size and shape, this will assist the removalists to load efficiently. These cartons are made to keep a load square and fit evenly across the truck (saving time loading).
  4. Use larger cartons for bulky items like kitchen pots, pans and crockery.
  5. Make sure you use plenty of paper around fragile items.
  6. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books, records and tins of food.
  7. Don’t overfill a box, and always tape the top and bottom of the cartons.
  8. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or paper, soft linen can be used to fill gaps and mark the box fragile.
  9. Mark the boxes with the room they will be going into.